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We synthesize multicomponent oxide glasses for mid-infrared spectral range and we develop our own technology of nanostructured microoptical elements and nonlinear photonic crystal fibers. We investigate conditions of supercontinuum generation in our own fiber structures.

Our paper published in Optical Materials Express was featured in SPOTLIGHT ON OPTICS in September 2015!



Our Team, in collaboration with our colleagues from the Faculty of Physics at University of Warsaw, published results on the designing and fabrication technology of photonic crystal fibers with a nanostructure in the core. The paper entitled "Limits in development of photonic crystal fibers with a subwavelength inclusion in the core" was also featured by OSA Publishing in the SPOTLIGHT ON OPTICS series, which includes the most significant research papers appearing in journals like Optics Letters, Optics Express or Optical Materials Express (and other OSA journals).

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The second paper in this topical area presents our results of technology and designing of a new approach to photonic crystal fibers. This is based on fibers, in which the cladding is a classic, uniform-index area, while the core is structured at the nanoscale level. This approach additionally enables arbitrary gradient index profiling of the core at the transverse plane of the fiber structure – not confined to an axial symmetry. The paper appeared in Optics Express vol. 23, issue 20, pp. 25588-25596 (2015).


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