Description POLONEZ


All - optical steering of solitonic signals in all - solid dual - core Photonic Crystal Fibers

It is undoubted that the key technology behind the nowadays information revolution is the optical fiber based signal transfer, which principle significantly affects both the telecommunication and internet sharing domains of the global society. Exchanging the copper wires for optical cables has improved the data transfer rates by order of magnitudes and therefore the scientific community pay a large attention to continue in this trend in the case of all data processing devices. The keyword of this effort is all-optical, which means realizing the all data processing tasks, like amplification, switching, computing and storage in the optical domain without converting to electric signal. The ultimate goal of these efforts is an optical computer, which can outperform the electrical ones again by orders of magnitudes. The basic element of the computer is a transistor and a widely accepted way of its realization in the optical domain is the nonlinear optical signal transformation.

Our planned research aims to contribute significantly to this field focusing on investigation of fundamentals of the dual-core optical fiber based all-optical nonlinear switch. The general principle of a switch is steering the input signal between two (or more) output ports by a control signal. There are already many ways, how to realize such task in the optical domain, however we would like to explore its simplest possible form, which means an optical fiber containing two parallel cores with transferable optical signal between them (c). One motivation of this research is exactly the fiber format switch because the high speed data transfer by optical fibers is already matured task and we would like to ensure the easy integrability of our approach into the standard communications systems. Therefore, the signal switching principle using the dual-core optical fibers is investigated already more than 3 decades, but even though up to now it was not demonstrated in applicable manner. Large amount of theoretical works addresses this goal even in the recent years, however there are just a few experimental investigations of the fiber based dual-core nonlinear switching and all of them just by partial successes.